IMPROVE board members

Board Member Dina Loutati

Dina Lutati immigrated to Israel from France in 1962. She is a social worker and social activist in the fields of community services, social entrepreneurship and human rights. During all her life, Dina has been deeply committed to the most weakest and vulnerable people of society. Dina serviced in the Nahal brigade and studied at the “Midrasha” institute for social workers. For many years Dina took an active part in managing and leading supportive programs for Youth at Risk and especially with Girls at Risk, including treating adolescent girls at the Tziopia closed Institution for delinquent girls. As a community social worker, Dina also assisted and treated girls at risk un Israel’s Southern renewal project. Later on in her career, Dina shifted to volunteer management, and served as the senior supervisor of volunteer activities in the Social Arena, in Israel’s entire Southern district. Dina trained and supervised volunteer coordinators in many southern towns of Israel as well as guided and facilitated self-help groups. Over thirty years ago, Dina took upon herself a most demanding challenge: to develop and operate the International Volunteer department of Israel’s social services. Within this capacity, Dina established and developed the department for overseas volunteers, managed and supervised all the various needs of the social institutions – especially for severely disabled children and youth. She build all needed managerial infrastructure, developed inter - governmental partnerships and with other government ministries such as the ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the ministry of Tourism. The most noteworthy aspect of her profession is that she built working relations with various international organizations from all over the world. During the past thirty years, Dina mobilized each year over a thousand volunteers from 32 different countries, and placed them in more than 150 social institutions throughout in Israel. Dina developed international relations with many countries around the world, initiated, and organized may international gathering and conferences around voluntary efforts in the social services fields of practice. Since she retired Dina spends most of her time during voluntary work, and is one of the founding leaders of IMPROVE.

Board member and Founder and President of Topaz - Dr. Michael (Mike) Naftali -

Michael (Mike) Naftali (PhD), is a social entrepreneur, social inventor and social activist. For more than 40 years he has taken an active part in advancing, managing and leading a wide range of social endeavors, including the formation of social entrepreneurship platforms, volunteering and civil society infrastructure programs, youth at risk services, formal and non formal educational settings, mental health programs, community based art programs and a variety of international development initiatives. Much of his work has been incorporated in heading and leading Civil Society organizations. To date, Dr. Naftali serves as the founding president of a network of leading Israeli Civil Society Organizations (C.S.Os.) Topaz - Leading Social Innovations, Brit Olam - International Volunteering and Development and Inspiration - Arts for Humanity. Throughout the years Dr. Naftali served, as a volunteer, as the chairperson of the National Council for Voluntarism in Israel (C.S.O.), the national Civil Society umbrella association for Voluntary Effort. He is also co-founder of Natan - The Israeli Coalition for Disaster Relief (C.S.O.), and until 2016 served as vice chairperson of S.I.D. Israel - The Society for International Development (C.S.O.). In 2017 Dr. Naftali was nominated as the chairperson of the “The Israeli Academic Forum for Social Enterprise, founded in 2009 by the Bob Shapell School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University, SHATIL – Leading Social Change (C.S.O.)), and Topaz. In the past Dr. Naftali was employed as the founding director of Enosh- the Israel Mental Health Association (C.S.O.) and between the years 1984 – 2003 the founding C.E.O. of Elem - Youth in Distress in Israel (C.S.O.). For the last three decades Dr. Naftali has been teaching multiple topics on youth empowerment and cross-cultural intervention strategies in both graduate and post graduate courses. Mike is also a keen Yachtsman and holds a Skippers Certificate for Mediterranean and Ocean Voyages.

Chairperson and acting C.E.O. Shmuel Sorek

Shmuel is a Mechanical engineer with close to 40 years experience in senior management of factories and companies , non-profit organization and public activities. Shmuel professional experience started in the Israel Military Industries (IMI) as research & development engineer and then as plant manager. In the last 20 years he is rehabilitating collapsing & bankrupt companies & businesses appointed by the courts or the banks or the owners themselves, also consulting companies in crisis, from different branches of the industry and in the infrastructure economy, among them a home for hard disabled people of the Israel Association for Children with Disabilities. Shmuel started his public activities as a representative and chairman of the engineers in IMI, he was elected and served as the chairman of the Israeli Engineers & Architect Association, as the chairman of the Next Generation of Holocaust & Heroism Legacy – Israel (today a member of the executive board ), and a member of the executive board of Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel. Shmuel served his regular army service in the Golany infantry brigade and became a battalion commander during his reserves service. Shmuel has a vast experience in managing & operating non-profit organizations, a deep acquaintance with the Israeli parliament and government conduct, with local municipalities, public & academic institutions.

Board Member Maria Radinski

Currently Managing a Center for Youth at risk, In the past she has been consulting non-profit organizations with Community development and PR. Social activist, graduated the “civil society” U.S Embassy program. Worked in several local and national election campaigns. She holds a B.A – Communication, Political Science and International Relations and to date a MA student at Tel Aviv University studying education policy, specializing in democratic education .Volunteered for years in several projects: “Kav-Lezinuk”; Guiding youth to be tomorrow’s leaders, “Elem” for youth at risk and in distress etc.

Board Member Oded Unger

An entrepreneur of business and social projects. A consultant for SME and for Volunteering Communities teams. For more than six years, Oded led an independent project aimed to increase the quantity and quality of social activities of Kibbutzim, Kibbutzim members and Kibbutzim organizations in and with the Israeli society. The two ways to get there were by building connections between the communities and their capabilities on one hand, and the NGOs and their needs on the other, and by promoting and assisting the establishment of Social Involvement Teams in the Kibbutzim communities. At 2018 Oded had founded a new Non-Profit organization, implementing the systems and tools of communities and Solidarity Groups on the large population of lonely individuals which were left without any family backup. Mr. Oded Unger holds a BA from the Haifa University in Psychology as well as in Multidisciplinar Program for Outstanding Students. His Master degree in Business administration (MBA) was marketing oriented. He served as a member in some committees, including the one dealing with training and professionalism in the volunteering world. Serves now as a board member in some business and non-profit organizations. Oded is a Member of Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra at the north of Israel, where he lives.

Board Member Yonggu, Kim

Yonggu, Kim from South Korea, as a Pastor Presbyterian Church, he came to Israel to study Hebrew and Bible in 2008. During the summer vacation he found volunteer opportunities in Israel and he served handicapped people at Maon San Simon in Jerusalem. After then his life directions are totally changed. He founded AMIKO, is an international Non-Profit Organization in Israel, he serves as a president and the executive director, he brings young Korean volunteers to support voluntary activities by visiting and aiding social welfare facilities and the handicapped people, mentally disabled, autistic children and holocaust survivors. He cooperates with various other organizations in Israel to carry out numerous projects. Since then, he has sending volunteers who needs volunteers for different organizations and leading and managing Korean volunteers in Israel. He enhances the understanding of social welfare and culture and strengthen relationships between Israel and Korea. He holds a BA in Religious Education (B.A) and Theology (M.Div) in Korea, he studied Hebrew Language Study and Community Leadership and Management of NPO (MSW) in Rothberg International School at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He studies also The Bible and the Ancient Near East (MA) At Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He teaches Bible and leads worship at the Church.

Board Member Liran Tzimerman

Liran is a social activist by nature. For the past five years Liran held the position of the Director of Operations for the Orthodox Civil Service - a national project established to generate opportunities for integrating the Ultra-Orthodox population in Israel and create accessibility to the world of employment and society in Israel, while preserving the population’s traditional lifestyle. In this capacity . To date. Liran is a social activist working to enhance the status and quality of life of the elderly population, while independently promoting volunteer projects within the sector. This, while aspiring to correct the seniors’ social and economic situation and improve the attitude towards the elderly and their rights in general. He works as a project manager and supervisor in the field of protected housing, public housing, assistance and support to the elderly Liran is partner in an initiative aiming to encourage volunteering as part of Israel’s perception. Liran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an LLM in Law from Bar Ilan University. Liran is one of the founding members of IMPROVE.

Board Member Millana Rebecca Budagov

Soul seeker | Articulate law-gophile | Witty wordplayer | Meticulous to details | Enthusiast connector of good people | Community involved | Impactful optimist | Admirer of fine wine | Beginning pianist | Flirtatious with fashion - A senior Intellectual Property paralegal, with ten years of experience in the field in Israel, including team leading experience, with a record in prosecuting and litigating trademark cases in both Israel and the US, prosecuting and litigating patent cases in Israel and worldwide. - Professional Intellectual Property content writer, lecturer and participant in classes and seminars introducing innovations in the field. -Translator of legal and marketing content - English to Hebrew | Hebrew to English. -Experienced corporate paralegal in London, UK, handling the corporate aspects of companies in numerous jurisdictions worldwide, and integrating the affairs between the parties involved in the process. -Holder of a Diploma in Marketing, from the European School of Economics, London, UK and an LL.B. from the Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College, Israel.